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[News]2NE1 makes their return with ‘To Anyone’ + Bonus 2NE1 TV Season 2 Preview

8 Sep

It’s September 9th in the Land of the Morning Calm and you know what that means… Yes, 2NE1’s long awaited album To Anyone has been released!

I’ve only given the album a quick listen but I’m loving what I’m hearing! On September 9th at 10:00AM Korea Time, the MV for Clap Your Hands is scheduled to be released. On September 10th at 10:00AM, the MV for Go Away is scheduled to be released and on September 11th at 10:00 AM, the MV for Can’t Nobody will be released! The girls are also scheduled to make their comeback performances of Can’t Nobody and Go Away on the September 12th edition of SBS Inkigayo.

Remember to support 2NE1 by purchasing the album and let’s patiently wait for the first MV release! Check out some of the select tracks below.

Can’t Nobody:

Can’t Nobody English:

Clap Your Hands:

Love is Ouch:

Go Away:

2NE1 TV Season 2 Preview:

S: AKP & jenningyou@YT & YGLifeOfficial (videoS)


[CF] “CF Queen” Lee Hyori promotes ricecookers!

6 Sep

“CF Queen” Lee Hyori is promoting even ricecookers in a sexy way!

Lee Hyori was selected as the model of a new CF for Cuchen, a premium kitchen electronics brand.

According to Cuchen, in the premium ricecooker “Definite Fine Quality” CF  to be aired on the 6th, Lee Hyori has solidified the fine image of the premium rice cooker with her enthusiastic yet sexy appeal.

There was a buzz going around at the Chung-Dam Dong Studio, where the CF was filmed, that Lee Hyori promoted the ricecooker smoothly with the phrase, “Let’s eat some rice!” in a sexy yet cute way.

A representative of Cuchen praised Lee Hyori, “As a CF model who raised awareness for the various brands she has promoted- red pepper pastes and electronics – her image seems to fit the “Definite Fine Quality” ricecooker best.” He went on to mention the high expectations they have for the CF: “In the upcoming CF, Lee Hyori’s sexiness from her singing career and her enthusiastic, friendly image that is reflected in her programs are all showcased, so we are anticipating this CF to be a very highly effective one.”

The commercial showing Lee Hyori’s killer smile and the witty CF concept will be aired on the 6th.

I am hoping that the rice made with this rice cooker will be just as hot and delicious as Hyori.

Credits to Newsen.


[NEWS] ‘Korean JayWalkers’ donate to child leukemia patients

6 Sep

Jay Park’s fans have always been known to donate generously to various charities, and this time the ‘Korean JayWalkers did their share for child leukemia patients.

On the 1st, the Leukemia Association of Korea website posted an official message regarding the Korean Jaywalkers’ donations. Attached to the message were pictures of rice cakes, Dunkin Donuts, and 514 blood donor registration cards that they sent in. The message stated,

“The rice cakes and official donor registration cards have arrived to our office. Like before, Park Jaebum’s fanclub have done a good deed under the celebrity’s name, and displayed a gracious side of the club.The J-Effect (JayWalkers) collected 514 blood donor registration cards, as well as a great box of delicious rice cakes. We hope that in the future, the good deeds of the J-Effect could soon be a good role model for many other fan clubs. Once again, we thank you for your interest and love for children with leukemia.”

During Park Jaebum’s fan-meet at Korea University on August 28th and 29th, the Korean JayWalkers held various events aimed at garnering donations for charities such as the Disabled Sport Association, Good Neighbours, Korean Leukemia Association, and the Sports Council of the Disabled.


[Update News] 2NE1 unveils audio teaser for “It Hurts”

5 Sep

Having already released their first audio teaser for one of their title tracks, Can’t Nobody, 2NE1 released a new teaser today for one of their tracks named, It Hurts (Slow).

It Hurts is the 5th track from their To Anyone album, and it has a slow-beat smooth melody that’s quite easy to listen to.

The teaser reveals the song’s first verse, as it is approximately 1min 30sec long. Check it out below!

Meanwhile, 2NE1’s album will be release on the 9th, followed by their first comeback performance on the 12th with SBS Inkigayo.

Credit: AKP (source) & YGLadies2

[News/Info] SMTOWN’s chartered plane to LA totaled $851,000 USD

4 Sep

A couple of days ago, the SM family boarded their plane at Incheon Airport for their next stop of SMTOWN Live ‘10 World Tour in Los Angeles, which will be taking place on September 4th.

For the very first time, SM Entertainment raked up a whopping 1 billion won for the expenses of their own chartered plane, a Boeing 747-400, which calculates to $851,000 USD. A total of 250 people, including staff, bodyguards, press reporters and 40 of SM artists, were all on board to LA.

The first artist to step foot on the chartered plane was Super Junior’s leader, Lee Teuk. Through the in-flight mic, Lee Teuk said, “When you talk loudly in public places, people glare at you and say, “Do you guys think you own this place?” Why yes, we really do own this!”, which made everyone laugh.

Kim Min Jong and Kangta had a fun time of their own, acting as stewards as they went around the whole plane, serving wine and swiping cards, and when they finished, Kangta made a toast to ‘South Korea to the world‘.

The first floor business section of the chartered plane consisted of Kangta, BoA, Kim Min Jong, DBSK’s Uknow Yunho and Max Changmin, SNSD and f(x). Super Junior and SHINee took over the business section of the second floor. Given the nickname ‘Charlie’s Angels‘, SNSD’s Yuri and actress Lee Yeon Hee sat together to gossip.

Inside the chartered plane, BoA commented, “I always travel to America, but since this time I’m going with other artists, it feels really good”, while Yunho adding, “It feels like we’re going on a reunion trip.”



I’m sure SM Entertainment will get more than of that amount back.

[Photos] Check Out the New YG Building

3 Sep

Recently YG Entertainment officially opens the YG-Life blog. And some details about 2NE1 comeback. And a cartoon video of YG Building. Now check it out what is inside in YG Building.

Source: DC2NE1

Also, here is a message from YG about “YG-Life”

2010 09 01 from YG

Hello, this is Yang Hyeon seok.

Sep 1st, 2010. today is the day we moved into the new house, “YG LIFE”… ~

We should call it that it is only temporary opened for now because we haven’t unpacked our stuffs properly yet.

But we will update one by one from now on.

To make a short explanation of “YG-LIFE”,


This is the actual main menu of “YG LIFE”, which will be updated everyday.

The information will be updated, organized by each specific categories for the convenience of the users.


As you click the “YG CENTER” on the top of the right side, you can see the in & out sides of the YG building.

Every set is the miniatures made by paper, and we filmed the video of YG singers’ interesting daily lives which takes in the building. We are planning to update quarterly for the various fun.


It will be updated weekly, ordered by the number of hits of the posts.


The menu of YG news updated, which will be on the “DAILY POST”.


The menu of musics and videos updated, which will be on the “DAILY POST”.


The menu of our photos updated, which will be on the “DAILY POST”.


The menu of our personal items updated.


the menu of the items, which we haven’t got. but we want to get or we’re interested in.


The menu of non-YG news. the world news which we are interested in or being a issue will be updated.

“YG – LIFE” is not requiring to log-in for the convenience of more users including the international fans.

We’re planning to make it accessable by some popular channels such as “twitter”, “youtube”, and as an “application”.

The reason why we’re opening the YG LIFE, even we have some problems with sharing our hidden information and the inside lives of the YG building, was from the simple thought. “we might be able to make the world peace, if we communicate with others truly and share all of our available information.

As the company becoming bigger, and more people participating, the difficulties of communication occur very often.

We will work hard to make it as a place which is giving happiness, and being loved by everyone. thank you.

2010. 09. 01.


Source: BBVIPZ
Translated by:

[Update news] YG Life blog officially opens with 2NE1’s new track lists for their “TO ANYONE” album

1 Sep

YG Entertainment’s CEO and founder, Yang Hyun Suk, officially open the long awaited YG-Life blog, because fans have been anticipating something like this for a long time.

The blog officially opened today, September 1st at 2.01pm (KST), and it can be found at both and It was made specifically so that YG artists can develop a closer relationship with fans by posting exclusive videos and photos daily.

Along with the blog’s debut, exclusive photos for  2ne1 long awaited comeback on September 9th were revealed, and the full track list for their first full-length album was released.

Check it out the full track lists of 2NE1’s “TO ANYONE” album.

1. Can’t Nobody (타이틀곡) 작사, 작곡, 편곡: Teddy
Can’t Nobody (Title Song) | Writer, Producer, Arrangement: Teddy

2. Go Away (타이틀곡) 작사, 작곡, 편곡: Teddy
Go Away (Title Song) | Writer, Producer, Arrangement: Teddy

3. 박수 쳐 (타이틀곡) 작사, 작곡, 편곡: e.knock
Clap Your Hands (Title Song) | Writer, Producer, Arrangement: Teddy

4. 난 바빠 작사: Big Tone / 작곡: PK , Big Tone / 편곡: PK
I’m Busy | Writer: Big Tone / Producer: PK, Big Tone / Arrangement: PK

5. 아파 (Slow) 작사, 작곡: e.knock, 선우 정아 / 편곡: 선우 정아
It Hurts (Slow) | Writer, Producer: e.knock, Sunwoo Jungah / Arrangement: Sungwoo Jungah

6. 사랑은 아야야 작사: Masta Wu / 작곡: Choice37, Big Tone / 편곡: Choice37
Love is Ouch | Writer: Masta Wu / Producer: Choice37, Big Tone / Arrangement: Choice 37

7. You & I (박 봄 솔로) 작사, 작곡, 편곡: Teddy
You & I (Park Bom Solo) | Writer, Producer, Arrangement: Teddy

8. Please Don’t Go (CL & 민지) 작사, 작곡, 편곡: Teddy
Please Don’t Go (CL & Minji) | Writer, Producer, Arrangement: Teddy

9. Kiss (산다라 솔로) 작사, 작곡, 편곡: Teddy
Kiss (Sandara Solo) | Writer, Producer, Arrangement: Teddy

10. 날 따라 해봐요 작사, 작곡, 편곡: Teddy
Try to Follow Me | Writer, Producer, Arrangement: Teddy

<Bonus Tracks>

11. I Don’t Care (Reggae mix) Writer, Producer: Teddy, e.knock / Writer: Sungwoo Jungah

12. Can’t Nobody (Eng. Ver) Writer: Perry / Producer, Arrangement: Teddy

Credit(s): and YGLadies for translation