[News] Plan Korea clarifies actress A’s bad attitude

6 Sep

Representatives of International NGO Plan Korea clarified on behalf of actress ‘A,’ Lee Mi Yeon, who is currently under controversy for her bad attitude on a children’s rights campaign in Nepal last January.

On the 5th, Chosun Journal released an article titled “The Lights and Shadows of Celebrity Charity Work,” detailing an actress with irresponsible actions such as asking for sushi and bathing in mineral water while working with charity.

Park Jaehong, department head of Plan Korea, spoke in an interview with Star News and angrily expressed, “I think it’s easy for everyone to completely kill the career of one person like this. If such claims actually happened, I don’t think even I would have stayed calm about it.” Park Jaehong accompanied the actress on her four night, five day stay.

According to Park, she arrived at Nepal on the 18th of January with her stylist and managers, along with three staff members of a fashion magazine. “She arrived on Monday at the capital, Kathmandu, and moved to Sun Sari. She rested for a day and participated in the campaign on Tuesday and Wednesday. On Thursday, she returned to Kathmandu and rested a day, and returned to Korea Friday morning.

He went on to point out the difference in her stay, “‘A’ did not go there to do charity work. She was there to shoot a fashion spread with the campaign as its topic. There was no need for ‘A’ to play with the children at all. She visited a rescue location for female children that were sold as dowries and suffered from sexual abuse. ‘A’ decided to join the campaign in order to fight for their rights.”

When asked whether she made excessive requests, Park replied, “It’s considered a first class hotel but it doesn’t even have most of the facilities of lower end Korean hotels. It costs $30 to stay. I read that she made a request for sushi but even a three year old in the area knows that it’s impossible to find such food.

When asked about her bathing in mineral water, he clarified, “I don’t think it’s necessarily a bad thing that an actress bathes to protect her skin even in a country like Africa where water is scarce. Regardless, Nepal has the Himalayan River so the water is clean and bountiful. She wouldn’t have needed to.

Regarding her business class seats, Park went on to clarify, “For overseas charity work, we don’t converse directly with the celebrity in question. It’s between their agency and the broadcast company. Agencies have a tendency to want to give special treatment to their stars. It’s not only ‘A’ but other stars as well that request for business class seats. Unfortunately, we didn’t have the funds to pay for it so we almost couldn’t fulfill her request but she was automatically upgraded when all of the planes to Nepal became full. Out of her team, about five were upgraded to business. The upgrades cost about $1,200 per person.”

Source: Star News & AKP


[NEWS] Jaejoong, Yoochun & Junsu sign contract with Prain PR

6 Sep

TVXQ’s Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu have recently signed a contract with a Korean PR consulting firm, Prain, officially beginning their individual promotions.

On the 6th, TVXQ’s three members revealed, “We’ve always reported news to the press through a law firm but decided to go with a PR business for a more systematic and specialized expression of our thoughts. Through Prain, we will be opening a variety of channels that allow for conversing with the press and industry representatives along with our fans.”

Prain’s main area of business revolved around government organizations, some of their clients being former presidents, soccer player Park Jisung, figure star Kim Yuna, and others, managing their images and communications.

Although the concept is largely known in other countries, this is the first time a celebrity in Korea has separately contracted with both an agency and a PR agent. Prain representatives stated, “We are not TVXQ’s agency. We are their spokesperson and our responsibilities include managing their images and supporting their marketing and promotions.”

In order to promote the three members of TVXQ, Prain has set up an entertainment business team within the company. The team leader, Kim Sangwoo, stated, “We’re planning to create a transparent partnership as the spokesperson for the stars. We hope to enhance their image and quality as their PR agents.”

The three members are set to release a new album by the end of this year, produced by famous composer Kim Hyungseok and distributed by Warner Music Korea.

Source: Star News & AKP

[NEWS] Brian Joo to join the list of celebrity CEOs

6 Sep

Brian Joo will be next on the list of celebrity CEOs because he will be launching his own fashion shopping mall (www.storyman.co.kr).

According to Jellyfish Entertainment, they stated:

“Brian will be opening his male clothing shopping mall on the 6th. His fans have already begun to search for the site once they heard the news about his online shopping mall”


[News] Ueno Juri will attend CN BLUE’s concert in Japan

6 Sep

Ueno Juri,whose character ‘Tuboya Rako (Noda Megumi)’ in ‘Nodame Cantabile’ has gained a lot of love in Korea shared her first impression of Yong Hwa.

On 2nd of this month, the premiere showing session and the press conference of ‘Nodame Cantabile Vol.1’ film was held in the branch of Seoul Lotte Cinema in Cheongnyangni. At that time, Ueno Juri was asked how she felt about filming 1 episode of ‘We got married’ and her comments on Yong Hwa whom regarded her as his ideal girl.

She smiled and said, “we met yesterday. After seeing me, he kept saying’ it is like a dream.’ and ‘unbelievable’. ‘I could see that he was so nervous that he was shaking.’ On the contrary, I was looking at him calmly with feelings like ,’ yes, I am here’ .”

She further elaborated, “however, after being with the sweet potato couple for a while, I tried to make fun of imitating Tuboya Rako. Yong Hwa, who was very nervous at the beginning had relaxed and we were treating each other like friends then. When I visited their house, I was just as happy and casual as I visited my friends’ home.”

She also told us that she has promised Yong Hwa she would go to the concert of CNBLUE when they stop at Japan.

Source: news.cnbluenews.com & KU
English Translation: RiceLeung@cnbluestorm

[News] Tablo filed a complaint against 22 members of the online cafe Tajinyo

6 Sep

Tablo, lead singer of the hip-hop trio Epik High, is taking legal action against netizens who claim that his degree from Stanford University is fake.

Since the controversy over his degree erupted in November, Tablo has repeatedly vowed to sue netizens for defamation of character, but this is the first time he has taken action.

According to a statement released Monday by the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency, Tablo filed a complaint against 22 members of the online cafe Tajinyo (We Request the Truth from Tablo). Police added that an investigation into the matter had begun.

In response, Tajinyo, which has more than 12,000 members, said the group would challenge the singer’s Stanford degree and Canadian nationality in court.

s: JoongangDaily & KU

[News] Sidus HQ posts up Jay’s baby pictures

6 Sep

Sidus HQ’s me2day released two pictures of Park Jaebum’s baby pictures as a part of their ‘Star Past’ reveal series.

Sidus HQ wrote, “White skin, cute looks, and unique hand poses… Who’s this little baby?” The picture shows Park Jaebum sitting and wearing traditional Korean clothing.

Fans noticed the difference between his current sharp features and his chubby baby face, commenting, “He looks so different, I had no idea,” and “Even beastly men had a time when they were cute.”


Trans: hazyfiasco@2ONEDAY.COM

[News] SM artists attract 15,000 fans to LA concert

6 Sep

The artists of SM Entertainment made their second stop of their “SMTOWN LIVE ’10 WORLD TOUR” in the United States over the weekend, drawing some 15,000 fans to the Staples Center in Los Angles.

A total of 44 singers and actors including some of K-pop’s biggest names such as Super Junior, SHINee, and Girl’s Generation, performed at the famed venue on Saturday.

The concert started off with The Grace’s member J-min’s rendition of song “Shine,” followed by other solo and group performances by Kangta, BoA, U-know Yunho, Super Junior, Girls’ Generation, SHINee, f(x) TRAX, Kim Jong-min and Lee Yeon-hee.

Sisters Jessica of Girls’ Generation and Krystal of f(x) sang U.S. artist Ke$ha’s hit pop song “Tik Tok” while Kangta and actress Ara also gave a musical duet performance.

“I am extremely grateful that so many people have come to fill this arena. Fans should be prepared to anticipate more than what they have been expecting to see,” singer Kangta said.

Meanwhile, rock duo TRAX sang “Let You Go” and “Oh! My Goddess,” nine-member girl group Girls’ Generation took the stage for their performances of “Kissing You” and “Gee,” followed by songstress BoA, who sang her hit song “My Name.”

The highlight of the show was the performance by idols U-Know Yunho and Max Changmin, who arrived on stage on wires. The concert also featured dance performances by Super Junior members Eunhyuk, Donghae, Shindong, SHINee members Minho, Taemin, Girls’ Generations’ Hyoyeon, Yoona, Yuri, Sooyoung and f(x) members Victoria and Luna.

The four hour-long concert ended with a joint performance of all the artists singing and dancing to H.O.T’s hit song “Hope.”

SM’s world tour will continue on into Shanghai on September 11 at the Hongkou Football Stadium and next January in Tokyo.

SM Entertainment, one of the most influential entertainment houses in the country alongside YG and JYP, was founded by former singer Lee Soo-man in 1995.

Source: Asiae & KU