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[News]2NE1 makes their return with ‘To Anyone’ + Bonus 2NE1 TV Season 2 Preview

8 Sep

It’s September 9th in the Land of the Morning Calm and you know what that means… Yes, 2NE1’s long awaited album To Anyone has been released!

I’ve only given the album a quick listen but I’m loving what I’m hearing! On September 9th at 10:00AM Korea Time, the MV for Clap Your Hands is scheduled to be released. On September 10th at 10:00AM, the MV for Go Away is scheduled to be released and on September 11th at 10:00 AM, the MV for Can’t Nobody will be released! The girls are also scheduled to make their comeback performances of Can’t Nobody and Go Away on the September 12th edition of SBS Inkigayo.

Remember to support 2NE1 by purchasing the album and let’s patiently wait for the first MV release! Check out some of the select tracks below.

Can’t Nobody:

Can’t Nobody English:

Clap Your Hands:

Love is Ouch:

Go Away:

2NE1 TV Season 2 Preview:

S: AKP & jenningyou@YT & YGLifeOfficial (videoS)


[Teaser] 2NE1 comeback teaser @Inkigayo

6 Sep

Check out 2NE1’s comeback teaser at Inkigayo. And don’t forget to stay tuned next week  for there comeback.

Video C: KpopLOVERpnay21

[News] Moon Ji Eun releases the teaser for ‘Hibiye Hibiyo’

6 Sep

Singer Moon Ji Eun has released the sexy teaser for her upcoming track, Hibiye Hibiyo.

In the teaser video, she is seen sporting a military look,  funky retro look, and skin look. The skin look just means that she is showing a lot of skin, which I’m sure her fanboys are liking.

Fans commented,

“The video was memorable because it seemed dreamy and the beat was strong.”
“The provocative dancing can only be pulled off by Moon Ji Eun.”

The full video releases on the 7th with the song itself.

S: AKP & yunakimdaebak@YT (video)

[Teaser] More 2NE1 teaser photos and audio teaser “Clap Your Hands”

6 Sep

2NE1’s comeback is just a few days away (September 9) and YG is teasing us none stop. A new batch of concept photos have just been released and the girls are looking fierce. In addition, the audio teaser for the song “Clap Your Hands” has been revealed as well. Check out the pictures and audio teaser and let us know what you think!

Credit(s): omonatheydidnt & YGLadies2 @ youtube & Soompi.com

[News] 2NE1 Dara prepared a surprise for their comeback stage?

6 Sep

Teasing her fans yet again, Dara revealed another surprise for their upcoming comeback. On the 6th of September, Dara updated her ME2DAY account with a polaroid photo – according to her, she will give some of her polaroid photos to the fans who will be attending their comeback performance on Inkigayo

Whassup?!? I took a polaroid~pic!!!^_^ke I have this along with the polaroid I took of Bom last time and also one pic of each of the kids. I’m going to give them to people who come out to watch Inkigayo! My small present to those who waited for us for one whole year!!!^.^ See you next week!!!


[News] Sexy singer Moon Ji Eun to make a comeback

6 Sep

Sexy singer, Moon Ji Eun, will be making a comeback with a new single album set to release on the 7th.  This will be her first comeback in 2 years and 4 months and she is said to be working with producer Bang Shi Hyuk.

When Moon Ji Eun debuted in 2008 with her album, “Vivid,” she received the song “I Don’t Know,” as a gift from Bang Shi Hyuk.  Moon Ji Eun says that she’s been studying music techniques and know-hows, to sing with emotion, through the help of Bang Shi Hyuk.

The title track for her comeback went through a strenuous ten rounds of recordings in order to perfect it.  And although Moon Ji Eun teared up during the process, she and Bang Shi Hyuk couldn’t help but feel a sense of joy after hearing the final product.

A representative of her agency revealed, “We’re anticipating a lot of things with her comeback since she’s working with hitmaker Bang Shi Hyuk.  During her Fox promotions, she received the support of Eun Jiwon’s featuring but having Bang Shi Hyuk as her producer this time gives us a sense of reassurance.

The teaser for her new title track is set to be released on the 6th.

Source: Sports Chosun & AKP

[Update News] 2NE1 unveils audio teaser for “It Hurts”

5 Sep

Having already released their first audio teaser for one of their title tracks, Can’t Nobody, 2NE1 released a new teaser today for one of their tracks named, It Hurts (Slow).

It Hurts is the 5th track from their To Anyone album, and it has a slow-beat smooth melody that’s quite easy to listen to.

The teaser reveals the song’s first verse, as it is approximately 1min 30sec long. Check it out below!

Meanwhile, 2NE1’s album will be release on the 9th, followed by their first comeback performance on the 12th with SBS Inkigayo.

Credit: AKP (source) & YGLadies2