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[News] Moon Ji Eun releases the teaser for ‘Hibiye Hibiyo’

6 Sep

Singer Moon Ji Eun has released the sexy teaser for her upcoming track, Hibiye Hibiyo.

In the teaser video, she is seen sporting a military look,  funky retro look, and skin look. The skin look just means that she is showing a lot of skin, which I’m sure her fanboys are liking.

Fans commented,

“The video was memorable because it seemed dreamy and the beat was strong.”
“The provocative dancing can only be pulled off by Moon Ji Eun.”

The full video releases on the 7th with the song itself.

S: AKP & yunakimdaebak@YT (video)


[Photos] Moon Ji Eun reveals her comeback concept photos

6 Sep

K-pop’s sexy singer Moon Ji Eun was confirmed to be making her comeback with a new single album after her 2 years and 4 months of hiatus.

To get things rolling for her comeback, Moon Ji Eun’s comeback concept photos were revealed today.

The sexy concept photos reveals her smokey makeup along with her glamorous body that has been praised ever since her debut.

Moon Ji Eun worked with hit producer Bang Shi Hyuk on her title track that went through 10 rounds of recordings in order to perfect it. Her title track is named Hibiyehibiyo (히비예히비요), and it contains an electronica sound that’s intence and has a funky rhythm.

Stay tuned to the release of her single on the 7th!


[News] Sexy singer Moon Ji Eun to make a comeback

6 Sep

Sexy singer, Moon Ji Eun, will be making a comeback with a new single album set to release on the 7th.  This will be her first comeback in 2 years and 4 months and she is said to be working with producer Bang Shi Hyuk.

When Moon Ji Eun debuted in 2008 with her album, “Vivid,” she received the song “I Don’t Know,” as a gift from Bang Shi Hyuk.  Moon Ji Eun says that she’s been studying music techniques and know-hows, to sing with emotion, through the help of Bang Shi Hyuk.

The title track for her comeback went through a strenuous ten rounds of recordings in order to perfect it.  And although Moon Ji Eun teared up during the process, she and Bang Shi Hyuk couldn’t help but feel a sense of joy after hearing the final product.

A representative of her agency revealed, “We’re anticipating a lot of things with her comeback since she’s working with hitmaker Bang Shi Hyuk.  During her Fox promotions, she received the support of Eun Jiwon’s featuring but having Bang Shi Hyuk as her producer this time gives us a sense of reassurance.

The teaser for her new title track is set to be released on the 6th.

Source: Sports Chosun & AKP