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[News] BEAST’s Yang Yoseob shows off a perfect live at the ‘Hallyu Concert’ despite his surgery

6 Sep

BEAST’s Yang Yoseob showed off a pro mentality. On MBC ‘Show! Music Core’ that was broadcasted on the 4th, the cuts from the ‘2010 Incheon Hallyu Concert’ that occurred on the 29th of August in Incheon Moonhak Worldcup Stadium was displayed. On that day, Yang Yoseob had gone on stage and had sung ‘Special’ and ‘Shock’ live and won a round of applause from the fans with his safe vocal ranges. However attentions turn toward him once again after that it had been revealed that Yang Yoseob was not in his regular condition. He had gone on the stage even though he wasn’t perfectly recovered from the surgery he had taken to remove the infection in his nose. Someone from Cube Entertainment, BEAST’s management, stated, “Truthfully, on that day, Yang Yoseob hadn’t been 100% fully recovered. He was mostly recovered, however since we decided that it was going to be hard for him to sing live, we wanted to cancel the schedule.” Then they revealed that Yang Yoseob had stated, “We need to keep the promise with the fans.” In addition Cube Entertainment added, “Since we knew that it was going to be hard singing live because of the surgery we decided to have background music. However Yang Yoseob told us, “I’ll give it a try,” and he was able to fully sing on the live stage.” He had been fully able to sing live successfully even in a situation where he had to control his breathing only with his mouth since it was hard for him to breathe through his nose. Meanwhile on this broadcast, Girls Generation, Super Junior, Kara, Shinee, Boa, Seven, Brown Eyed Girls, 4minute, After School, and more artists appeared and showed off a powerful performance.

Source: Sports Joseon & KU

Trans: aoistars@B2ST RISING